Sensual Perceptions by Honey Maya

Venus Sextile Pluto – April 2014

So much that has been hidden away beneath the surface, is now seeping upwards and out through tiny cracks into the light of day. And, it can hurt, in the process. Truth, invariably does. People like to believe in their own version of ‘fairytales’ – the ‘Maya’ of life. And, woe betide the bearer who dares to shatter such illusion.

People like to believe in their own version of ‘fairytales’ – the ‘Maya’ of life. And, woe betide the bearer who dares to shatter such illusion.

However, a quite formidable amount of powerful healing energy is now on offer to old, re-opened emotional wounds. It’s a Time for being brave enough to cry – to pour your heart out into the great Ocean of Time. Comforting waves of Love await your contribution, enough to soothe and calm your inner pains. We can never reclaim that which can only now be a memory. It is, though, good to relive those memories, right now, with courage – however much it hurts to do so. As you allow yourself to open up this inner window of past vision, then somehow, someway, the healing you so deeply desire – and deeply need – will find its way into your heart. Trust this – and it will be so.

In matters of the heart – and, of money – well, the coming days herald some quite unexpected opportunities, and occurrences. As Pluto now stations, and prepares to slither away into the undergrowth where He likes to hide, unobserved – the better to continue to gather intelligence for the future – you can expect some rather radical Truth to emerge in affairs of the heart and purse, as His parting gift to a hungry world, eager and ravenous for new inspiration. New business ventures, and new love affairs which have been simmering unconsummated … are all now set to be sparked into life. Life, is set to become radically topsy-turvy – but in a potentially very Beautiful, transformative, and quite revolutionary manner. Hold on to your proverbial hats!

Finally, as we approach a Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday 15th April, watch out for – as Shakespeare would have it – ‘much ado about nothing’. Not all is as it seems upon the surface. Anger, and tension, may well be mounting in certain areas of life. But, at the end of the day, we all know that without mutual cooperation, in an uncertain world, we are all doomed to failure. Only by overcoming our dangerous short-term vision so prevalent within the imbalanced realms of Power, Politics and Economy can we hope to survive as a Human Race. We need to let go of trying to win.

Then, we will begin to see glimmers of hope on the horizon of the future Security we all inwardly desire.

In the meantime – be well. You’re worth it. PC

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Aquarius Moon by Honey Maya

Full Moon in Virgo 16th March 2014

It’s a beautiful Time for the sparking of radically different, unorthodox, earth-shattering, boundary-defying inventions, innovations and ideas. Phew. Quite a week ahead of us! If you feel afraid of communicating any awe-inspiring moments of lightning flashes of inspiration – well, just for this week at least, then don’t be. Please. The Universe needs for you to pour any such genius outwards into the flow of consciousness, so that not only you – but, the whole of human consciousness – can expand beyond previously imagined horizons of ability and potential. OK?

But, before such boundary-defying energies really take a hold, we do have to deal with a spell of somewhat – well, ok, let’s be perfectly honest here – intensely challenging, pressurising stormy emotional weather. Sparks can really fly where the exposure of unwelcome home-truths are concerned. And, we may have to face up to some awkward inner questions in the process. Where do our values really lie? Watch out for moments of potent inner self-realisation, where situations regarding issues of prejudice and judgementalism are concerned.

It is very advisable, right now, if not always – to look carefully before you leap – or jump – to any quick conclusions about a situation which comes to light. Your old ways of thinking about certain topics may be ripe for some positive transformation at this juncture. New ingredients to old recipes can certainly be resisted initially out of attachment to prejudice – but, be aware that they can also change the flavour of the pudding to a much healthier, and more tasteful dish. Why hold on to the old out of pride? Or, out of prejudice? Don’t you desire to expand your outlook; your values? If not, well, you will probably be missing out on a very positive opportunity to become a kinder, wiser and more compassionate human being in the coming days. It will be your loss. Why would you want to lose out? Good question, eh?

It is very easy to ‘take sides’, isn’t it? We want to believe what we have always believed – don’t we? It is comforting to do so; we can maintain our position of ‘authority’ with others, if we do such a thing. To alter our opinion, is to admit ‘weakness’, and ‘fluidity’, in the eyes of others. How, then, can we hold on to our projection of ‘authority’ if we do not stay fixed upon the shore of absolute certainty, and with one ideological foundation under our feet? Well, on the other hand, let’s look at that from a radically different point of view. Wouldn’t it be much more courageous to own up to a shift in perspective, if our heart is telling us its truth? Don’t the qualities of kindness, caring, and compassion speak for themselves, when pitted against judgementalism, hatred, and a cold-hearted viscious turn of mind? Why would we wish to take the side of darkness, unless we were afraid to lose our sense of ‘power’ over others?

Another question for you to ponder this week, is that concerning the dubious nature within the notion of putting the education of children, and the welfare of the sick, into the hands of the private sector. How can we place the ability to pay, above the welfare of the weak, the innocent, and the vulnerable? If a parent loses their ability to pay a child’s school fees, will that child suddenly be rejected from its educational roots unless Mum or Dad or both become able to reinstate their income within a short space of time? And, is it right, just and ethical for a sick person to arrive at a doctor’s office or hospital, and for the ability to produce either an insurance certificate or sufficient credit to be placed above enquiring about and attending to the welfare of such a sick individual? Where is the humanitarianism in profit motivation above human compassion for the weak and the vulnerable?

Some uncomfortable questions, and some difficult to face home-truths are certain to arise now. Be fluid in your responses. Be willing to change the course of your values. Let pride fall by the wayside, where necessary. Become more open-hearted. More compassionate. Kinder. Less quick to judge according to ideological prejudice. Be willing to learn about ‘the other side’ before you leap to any bad conclusions.

Light a spark of change for the better when the opportunity arises this week. Become more humanitarian again, where that side of you has been submerged beneath the cold slabs of money, greed, selfishness and profit before any ability to act with humanitarianism and altruism. Experiment with radical ideas which can benefit not only your own life, but that of the whole of human consciousness, as they arise. Then, all will be most wonderfully well. PC

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From the Archives: Astrological Profiles of Prominence – Che Guevara (Originally Pub’d 18th March, 2011)

‘Our neighbours in the Americas are bound to us by shared history, values and interests,’ – US President Barack Obama on a Latin American journey.

‘Che is fairly intellectual for a Latino.’ – February 13, 1958, declassified CIA ‘biographical and personality report’.

‘I am not a liberator. They do not exist. The People liberate themselves.’ – Che Guevara

Born 14th May, 1928 at 3:05 am, Ernesto Che Guevara may not have considered himself a liberator, yet he was the most independent of souls himself. And, the prophetic legacy which he has left behind has been the fuel for revolutionaries seeking true freedom worldwide.

As Jupiter and Uranus currently continue their sojourn in Aries, his energy beckons from beyond, calling forth the continuance of the Revolution of the People.

I am not a liberator. They do not exist. The People liberate themselves.’ – Che Guevara

Che himself had Jupiter and Uranus in igniting Aries, his Rising Sign. Yet, his Rising Sign was in the early degrees of that sign, carrying forward deep sensitivity and understanding from watery Pisces. With his Rising Sign conjunct Uranus, the Universe gave birth to a Radical destined to inspire the revolutionary spirit for eternity. Both of these planets, in addition to Mars, are all very closely clustered near the “Warrior Star” in the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, the Bringer of the Rains to restore balance and quench the parched. Mars, in Pisces, in his twelfth house of the subconscious created a restless sensitivity, which, out of a love for humanity and altruism, prompted him to take action and shift from the field of medicine into that of militant activism.

Che once stated, ‘Let me say at the risk of seeming ridiculous that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.’ His Moon, also in Pisces, occupied Shatabhisha, a notable placement for individuals with a strong impulse to heal. It formed a harmonious aspect with Pluto, in protective Cancer. Pluto, in Che’s chart, is in Punarvasu, where there is a strong desire to see righteousness restored. And knowing the strength of Pluto, this drive would have been more passionate than the heat of a million fires.

Guevara’s Jupiter, in Aries and Ashwini, forms a harmonious angle with Neptune in Leo, and the lunar mansion of Magha. Ashwini, along with Shatabhisha, is another prominent placement for those whose destiny is to heal. With Neptune in Magha, Che’s ardor was to uplift the dignity of the downtrodden.

With his Sun in Taurus and Krittika, he had the capability of understanding the true and harsh reality of suffering, the ability to see the negativity caused by capitalism run rampant and the tenacity to make a difference. Although a virtue, this was also quite painful for him to bear as the Sun forms a tense angle with Neptune, giving empathy for those stricken by the intolerable, yet who had to withstand it. This quality was likely the aspect of his personality which uttered the words, ‘If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.’

Astrology in action becomes all the more meaningful when we understand the wonder of the language. As Mars approaches his natal placement, Jupiter and Uranus transit Aries, and Mercury passes between the natal placement of his Jupiter and Uranus, also in Aries; his message reverberates across the globe. The Revolution rocks the Middle East and soon heads for the West. Imperialism and control can no longer thrive. Che is awake and alive in the hearts of many. In Guevara’s prophetic words, culled from a UN speech, ‘Yankee monopoly capitalism’ is now witnessing its ‘gravediggers’, and the ‘hour of vindication’ has arrived. Power should not be in the hands of the politicians, instead it belongs to the people.

Christ in Limbo by Follower of Hieronymous Bosch

Venus Sextiles Uranus March 2014 – A Holiday in Limboland

Endurance will turn the tide. Yet, who really wants to wait? When you are ready for your ship to set sail, the sooner the tide can turn, the better. Good things come to those who wait? Hmmmm….my primal instincts are telling me that if I don’t act soon then the outcome I will be subjected to through waiting will be bad rather than good. Life in limboland is not always pleasant, especially when one senses that something exceptionally tantalising awaits just around the corner. But, it really is true that a bit of patience will pay off under the current astrological climate. However, time is wasted by sitting still. And, dare I pull out yet another age old adage. Idle hands are the devils workshop. They never seem to go into explaining that one in fullness. Sometimes idle hands can lead to a busy mind that runs rampant eventually missing out on an opportunity that crops up at an unexpected moment.

On Tuesday 18th March, Venus completes a harmonious alignment with the planet of the radically random, Uranus. Venus is presently transiting the tropical sign of Aquarius and the Vedic Lunar Mansion of Sravana. Venus’ gift to the cosmos is that of refinement, healing and nourishment. In Sravana, an adjustment needs to be made. A process needs to be completed. A revamping must occur. All of this leads to a greater awakening, a widened vantage point which opens eyes to an opportunity that might have otherwise been invisible. Sravana grants us the capacity, when we avail ourselves of its benefit, to see with more than just our eyes and to listen with more than just our ears. Through and elevated functioning of sensory awareness, we tune into the Celestial Music and align ourselves with its rhythm.

Uranus is presently transiting tropical Aries, sparking creativity and favouring action. However, Uranus is in the Lunar Mansion of Revati; the portion of the zodiac relating to the ending of a cycle, the endurance of time before the next cycle of creation has begun. An in-between phase is occurring. Although all shall not be silent in terms of movement, the mind in its egoic pursuits must be quietened to the degree that the spark may be lit by the Cosmic Prometheus. The fires of awareness can then only be sustained through constant nourishment. A status quo is thankfully being overturned. But, in due time.

Trust that you will not have waited in vain. Dampen frustration to the extent that it is tempered and transmuted into creativity. Be not idle, but set your sights towards preparations for the next cycle. Be not perplexed into confusion through trying to understand something which is necessarily mysterious. All will reveal itself as it needs to. In the meantime, enjoy your Holiday in Limboland.

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The Iris Garden at Giverny Claude Monet

Jupiter Stations Direct March 2014 – Chasing Rainbows

When you have been hungry for an eternity, you might consider eating at first opportunity. When you are extremely parched, a drink of cold water does the trick and is exceptionally refreshing. But, simply because you have been in a state of depravity, should you continue to settle for the first available thing to eat and drink? Sensibility tells us that our desires expand the borders of our needs urging us to ever deeper levels of satiation, not just basic survival.

Every human is not made the same. We all have different impulses which drive us, contrasting levels of ethics and various ideas of what is, and is not acceptable. Yet even if we were all made of the exact same mindstuff, we all yearn for a greater level of fulfillment from life. As the tension builds over the course of an intensifying spring of astrological alignments which consist of a powerfully tense alignment between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto and which culminate with a potentially explosive aspect between Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus in late April, stability is something which may be lacking from the lives of many. As a natural response, fear drives us to a state of frenzy in which an opportunity can be eschewed in favour of fulfilling a need that may be deemed as essential for survival.

As Jupiter stations at approximately 10:42 am GMT on 6th March in preparation for its shift towards forward motion, we are being reminded to see beyond the immediate. Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer and the Lunar Mansion of Ardra. Obsessive thinking can lead to ‘slave mentality’ which only furthers living in a state of deprivation. Yet, what might your sense of inspiration be telling you is possible? Is it only a fantasy? Do you have a right to envision and even desire something so large? You will not find your stability in the mundane. Although great pleasure can be found in simplicity, it is only due to the fact that a deeper level of appreciation is cultivated for something which is quite ordinary. Our natural tendency is to explore and to dream. Please do not misconstrue that I may be suggesting that a reckless state of abandon be adopted and an obscenely decadent lifestyle be pursued. By all means, appreciate each moment of wonder simplicity has to offer you. But, don’t narrow your vision simply because you fear dreaming will only lead to a state of delusion. The truly amazing comes only to those who envision it and take every possible step to make it a reality. Don’t merely settle for second best. Ensure security, but strive for excellence.

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Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto: T-Square 2014 – The Grand Illusion

Which is the strongest within you, your fear of the unknown? Or your faith in yourself to face any challenges which may arise with strength and awareness? When you are under pressure, are you merely a lump who hides under the blankets, or does the tension create a multifaceted diamond? We are each being tested, and the Universe does not want us to hide. It wants us to honour the Truth.

The closest correlation we can find in our self-limited minds to the Truth is reality. Ahh…..that word! So seemingly concrete but utterly elusive. Each time we try to grasp it, it slips through our fingers. So, it seems that when things are going our way, fate plays its hand and presents us with cold, hard facts. Yet, often when we think that things are going to turn out foul, quite the opposite happens and we are presented with a silver lining to an apparent cloud.

We are each a Grand Illusionist, playing a vanishing act with our potential. We play hide and seek with ourselves out of a fear of ‘growing up’. We think that maturity represents an end to pleasure. Yet what could be more able to provide a deeper sense of contentment than Self-Knowledge and resultant Self-Acceptance? We are being asked to hide no more. And to ensure that we do not, the Cosmos is presenting us with a rather jarring revelation geared towards Self-Awakening.

Between now and this summer, we are under the influence of a rather tense astrological climate known as a T-Square. The Cosmic Collaborators involved are Expansive Jupiter, Deeply and Passionately Transformational Pluto and Radically Random Uranus.

Jupiter, as it is currently retrograde in the sign of Cancer and the Lunar Mansion of Ardra asks for a deepening of commitment to growth through a willingness to explore the borders of our security and to do so with open eyes, neither bolstering a sense of false bravado nor attracting external attention to one’s pain through victim mentality. Humility does not necessitate smallness, but instead recognition and acceptance of one’s gifts and the potential to wield them with confidence through life’s stormy seas. To do so is not arrogant.

Pluto will broker no opposition in its transit of Capricorn and Purva Ashadha. The places where we are stuck need release. Healthy analysis of the entity who confronts us daily in the mirror will carry us through the fires of vulnerability straight to the heart of our potential; the true natural state of our soul. This journey need be intense for only through its depth of tension will we find the ability to dig more deeply into our reserves to the extent that we strike the motherlode.

Uranus is presently in Aries and the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, but will soon enter the Lunar Mansion Revati. The Unknown may seem dark and foreboding. But, is that merely a trick of the light? Are we witnessing it as such due to the fact that we must accept that there is much that we do not know? Through openness and a willingness to be proven wrong pleasant surprises may result. And yes, pride can also conversely precede a fall. Be prepared to overturn every paradigm and accept that reality may not be as you see it. That need not be disheartening, for there is new territory to explore and progress to be made.

The fulcrum points of exactitude in these series of alignments are as follows: Jupiter opposes Pluto within days on the 31st January, then squares off with Uranus on 26th February. Then later as we enter spring, Jupiter in forward motion once again squares off with Uranus on 20th April, then opposes Pluto again on 21st April as Pluto simultaneously squares Uranus. That is a massive amount of astrological energy within two days.

Fear not? No, I would say respect what you are feeling, but muster the faith to face any challenges that may arise. Be passionate and philosophical. Be radical and revolutionary. In doing so, you will be amazed at what awaits in the most prosperous of manners.

I will be holding a workshop The Lunar Mansions: Fine Tuning the Music of the Spheres at the Kairos School of Astrology in Glastonbury, UK 8th March, 2014. Advanced registration for the course is £50. For more information on the course, please Click Here.

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